Mission Statement of the CBCBUA

The mission of this association shall be to provide an opportunity for baseball officials in the Chesapeake Basin Collegiate Baseball Umpires Association to study and discuss baseball rules and their interpretations; to establish, promote and maintain a code of officiating ethics while exacting accountability; and to render efficient service to the colleges and universities that provide baseball as a competitive sport.

Founded in 1991, the Chesapeake Basin Collegiate Baseball Umpires Association has become the premier officiating organization of choice for many colleges and universities. Serving eight conferences and many independents the CBCBUA has set benchmarks in reliability, dependability, and knowledge and training of rules and regulations in the continuously changing practices of college baseball today. To learn more about our association and the policies, procedures, and evaluations that sets the CBCBUA apart from any other, click "About Us". The ongoing and constant training of CBCBUA umpires that include weekend clinics, morning, afternoon, and evening sessions covering rules, situations and mechanics are unprecedented and exist in no other incorporated umpire association in the general area.