About Us

Chesapeake Basin Collegiate Baseball Umpires Association

When the Association was founded in 1991, it was agreed that all members that wished to gain admittance pass both a written rules test based on the current NCAA rule book and a field test conducted during actual college baseball games. Upon acceptance, each and every member must attend mandatory meetings and clinics each year in order to maintain their membership. Each fall, with the cooperation of various college coaches, prospective candidates are observed and evaluated as they work fall games. At that time they are also required to take the NCAA rules exam which is updated yearly. Candidates must attain a grade of 85% or better to be considered. All CBCBUA members take this test at the annual meetings and clinics conducted in January and February.
Once accepted, the umpire serves a one year probationary term and assigned games with senior experienced members of the group. At the conclusion of the season, the performance of work is graded and evaluated by umpires and coaches. Based on these findings the status of the umpire is granted either a full membership status or probationary extension for another year. Further unsatisfactory evaluations could result in termination.

In 2003 CBCBUA incorporated the use of thearbiter.net. This online instrument has been a tremendous aid to college and university administration as they can log on and locate the officials for any contest and check for needed personal information to process game fees. Coaches and athletic department personnel can log on and assure themselves that games have been assigned and double check for accuracy.

In 2004 we welcomed www.chesumps.org our web site to stream line game reports, evaluations, and other administrative interactive forms which once again set us apart and beyond the average umpiring association.

The annual ongoing and constant training of CBCBUA umpires with weekend clinics, morning, afternoon, and evening sessions covering rules, situations and mechanics are unprecedented and exist in no other incorporated umpire association in the general area.