CBCBUA Policies


Post season assignments: In order to be eligible for post-season assignments, members must attend the annual two-day meeting. Members are eligible to apply for excused absences to the executive board. This must be done in writing, and submitted to the Secretary/Treasurer. The board reserves the right to rule on excused absences on a case-by-case basis. A decision in favor of one member does not establish board policy for all. In the event of inclement weather, and the meeting has not been cancelled, each member that decides not to travel to the meeting because of road conditions must personally phone an officer to notify him of such reason. The board will act on these absences on a case-by-case basis. When making post-season assignments, the assignor will first work with the pool of umpires that have attended the annual two-day meeting. Attendance at the annual two-day meeting is not a guarantee of a post-season assignment. The assignor is the sole judge of the appropriateness of each umpire for post-season play.

Please remember, you asked and auditioned to be a member of this association. As such, you agreed to abide by our rules and regulations.

DUES: Yearly dues, as determined by the executive board, will be due and payable by the conclusion of the annual two-day meeting. Members that have not paid their dues will not receive a schedule.

GAME ASSIGNMENTS: Once the initial assignments are made, members shall have five (5) days to accept or reject their assignments. Once the season begins, however, the number of days to accept assignments may be reduced to one (1) day. Lack of a reply will indicate that you have declined the assignment. Once accepted, the umpire has entered into a contract with the school to officiate that game. If an opportunity to work a higher level game occurs, that game can only be accepted if the assignor approves, and has others available to cover your initial assignment. Please Note…

MEETING ATTENDANCE: Attendance at the annual two-day meeting is mandatory. Each meeting covers discussion on rules, interpretation of rules and field mechanics. Without the attendance of all members, the association cannot provide a uniformed approach to rules interpretation and mechanics. This is an essential function of the organization, and the reason that we are the official assignors of our conferences. When members are accepted into the association, they accept the fact that they must attend all meetings. Consistent absence at meetings, is reason for expulsion.

EXCUSED ABSENCES: While attendance at the annual two-day meeting is mandatory, extenuating circumstances arise which make it impossible for members to attend the meeting. The board will approve excused absences on a case-by-case basis. Under no circumstances, will an excuse for a member become official association policy and apply to every other member. Requests for excused absences must be tendered in writing to the Secretary/Treasurer in advance of the meeting. Should an absence be the result of conditions occurring on the day of the meeting, i.e. traffic accident, inclement weather, a written statement should be sent to the Secretary/Treasurer as soon as practical. Each instance will be voted on separately, and will be applicable only to that particular absence.

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